The best electric blankets that have been rigorously tested (2023)

The only problem with owning one of the best heating blankets is that it makesleaveYour bed is much harder. If you've thought about throwing an item of clothing in your shopping cart this season for extra warmth, you're probably wondering which brands, sizes, and styles are best for you. After extensive testing of seven blankets over 2 weeks, I found thatBeautyrest Plush Electric BlanketThe best of the products I've tried due to its luxurious feel and great performance. thisBerkshire Blanket VelvetLoft Striped Heating BlanketIt's my go-to for extra warmth because it's extra thick and easy to handle. (You can read ourBeautyrest Plush Electric BlanketandBerkshire Blanket VelvetLoft Striped Heating Blanketalso for more details)

Many households in the U.S. are likely to spend more on energy this winter than in past winters,According to the U.S. Energy Information AdministrationA blanket that radiates heat while you sleep is a great option if you want to avoid cranking up the thermostat in the winter. Unlike the fuzzy electric blankets of old that couldn't be safely left on overnight, heating blankets are nowdesigned for bed.In fact, the fire risk of these products has been greatly reduced over the years. "Now we have smart wires that can detect if something is abnormal anywhere on the wire and it will come back to your controller," said Joel Hawk, principal engineering manager for the Consumer, Medical and Information Technology Group.UL solutions.So no matter which style or color you choose, the best electric blanket should always bear the stamp of approval from a third-party testing agency like UL or Intertek. Read on for details on the best heating blankets, based on my tests.

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my expertise

I have over two decades of experience writing about lifestyle, health, celebrity and pet content. I'm the founding senior editor of's pet channel, where I regularly review pet, baby, and parenting items. Lately, I've been writing product reviews for brands likeconsumer reportsand On top of that, I live in a well-ventilated house in New England, which gets pretty cold even in the summer. Flannel sheets, slippers, and a small heater are all essentials here, especially on cold winter days, which explains my enthusiasm for testing the best heated blankets.

For the technical aspects of this article, I consulted Illinois veteran Joel HawkUL solutions, who oversees the agency's testing of heating blankets, was honored for his insight into how to buy and store these products. UL, the organization that created the nationally recognized safety standard called UL 964 for Heated Bedding, independently tests electric blankets to ensure they meet the necessary requirements. To learn about the health benefits of heating blankets, I spoke with a TPI Level 1 Certified PhysiotherapistCindy Lange, founder and owner of BodyFit Physical Therapy in Connecticut.

When choosing a blanket to test, I researched online ratings and reviews extensively. I considered heating blankets at various price points and only chose those with automatic shutoffs and warranties. I specialize in blankets certified by one of the 21 certification bodiesNationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL)Like UL Solutions or Intertek. I went a step further and developed specific criteria to determine which blanket was best. For throwing, I evaluated on the couch or at my desk. For heated blankets intended to be used in bed, I evaluated each blanket before, during, and after about 8 hours of sleep.

How I Tested the Best Heating Blankets

In general, electric blankets work in much the same way: They contain an insulated wire covered with fabric that generates heat when plugged in. When you shop for electric blankets, you'll immediately notice that they're available in a variety of sizes to match your bed size - king, queen or twin. If you choose a size larger than a twin, it will usually come with two controls, one on each side of the bed, allowing two people to sit in the driver's seat while controlling heat output. If you're looking for a heating blanket for your couch or office chair, a throw blanket is more suitable because it's smaller and usually designed for one person. For example, the blankets I tested are usually about 60 x 70 inches, while the king size blanket measures 90 x 100 inches. Throwing usually has a controller that is operated by a person hanging from his lap. Here's what I'm looking for when testing:


First, I evaluated each blanket for feel, fit, and weight, since comfort is a top priority. Then, I tried a blanket with a heating element. I read the instructions and unwrapped the blanket on the king size bed. I considered how warm they made me feel, noticing any cold spots. I also tested the surface heat consistency - how evenly the heat is distributed -Infrared Thermometer.Since some electric blankets are bumpy to the touch instead of smooth, I made a note of whether or not I could feel the top and bottom wires.

(Video) 3 Electric Blankets Head to Head: Best Heated Blanket for Keeping You Warm Camping!

intuitive design

I've found that there is a learning curve when you try any heating blanket. Each controller has different buttons to adjust the heat level and timer. After reading the instructions and, in some cases, watching the instructional videos several times, I assessed how easy it was to turn the blanket on and adjust the heat level in both day and dark. I also noted the length of the cord from the bottom of the bed to the plug on the back of the nightstand, as a longer cord will give you more leeway in how far your bed is from the outlet.

security features

All of the blankets I tested had an automatic shutoff, whether it was over 8, 10, or 12 hours. Every product I tested also had a recognized third-party certification mark on its description or label, from UL Solutions (UL) or Intertek (ETL). Read on to find out why you should look for that logo and the auto-shutoff feature when shopping.

easy to clean

I was going to wash each blanket in the washing machine, but I quickly found out that using the larger king size blankets - even though the instructions say you can wash each blanket on the gentle cycle of a standard washing machine - their weight and size is the main factor.

In my testing, I found that my 6 year old washer couldn't handle a king size blanket, and most brands advise against washing blankets at laundromats. Instead, I spilled Starbucks coffee on each of them and focused on spot cleaning with soap and water, noting that the liquid was easily removed from all of the fabrics.


I know from reading ratings and reviews, as well as my own testing experience, that heating blankets can be finicky. Sometimes they suddenly stop working for various unknown reasons, such as a bad thermostat, a loose connection, or a power surge that can cause overheating, so a good warranty is key. The lifetime limited warranty, 5-year, 3-year and 1-year warranties are some of the best protections I've found.

The winter chill must have set in when I started testing these products. I unpack the blankets, read the directions and place them on top of my comforter and sheets. I learned how to operate the controls and slept on a blanket for a night, sometimes two or three. I had a backache and had a hard time finding a good sleeping position, so I woke up in the dark, looked at the controls, adjusted the temperature, and went back to sleep. As a homeowner and parent, and because I'm one of those people who double-checks a hair straightener to make sure it's off, I unplug each one after use to make sure it's off.

I've selected the best heating blankets based on all of these key elements and more.

Overall Best Electric Blanket

Silk blanket with multiple heat settings

Beautyrest Plush Electric Blanket, Large

aspect:90 x 100 inches| Number of heat settings:20| Automatic shutdown function:10 hours| Warranty:5 years limited

Most suitable:

  • add a lightweight heating blanket to your bed
  • People who like a variety of heat settings
  • People who need an easy-to-operate controller

Skip if:

  • you want a thick and heavy blanket

Thanks to its lightweight material and wide range of heat settings, this product ranks among the best heating blankets, more than any other blanket I've tried. When winter rolls around, especially in a frigid climate like ours in New England, you may need a few extra things to warm up before bed. This is where Beautyrest comes in.

This silky blanket draped easily over my comforter and felt like a comforter—an extra layer of bedding that's often used to elevate a room's decor. It's made from ultralight plush polyester that feels sweet to the touch. It comes in 10 colors and the design looks attractive. The setup is simple: You put it on your bed, with the warning labels facing out at your feet, and the rope under the bed trails toward your head.

(Video) Ensure rigorous safety testing for electric blankets

Unlike L.L.Bean, which has a shorter cord, the Beautyrest has a manageable length—I measured about 19 feet long—meaning you don't see many wires when you walk into your bedroom because they're right in your under the bed. The visible wires are a drawback in my opinion as I don't like the way they drag across the floor. The paper instructions are clear and explain the special features well. I really appreciate that the UL certification information is well explained in the FAQ section. No other brand I've tried does this like Beautyrest.

The blanket has 20 adjustable heat settings, the most options of any blanket I tested. I started by warming the bed at 20 degrees (highest setting) and the blanket produced a warm, cozy feel in about 25 minutes (there is also a preheat function to warm up the product faster, or can be used as a boost if you need extra heat) . Surface thermometer readings were very consistent, mostly between 80 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit. While having 20 heat options is great, I clicked around a bit and realized I couldn't tell the difference between 7 and 13, so I started with 20, then turned the temp down to 4 for most of my nights.

I was able to easily adjust the temperature in the middle of the night without any trouble, as the controls glow in the dark, a common feature of all the heated blankets I tested. The sleep mode button allows you to adjust the length of time for the auto shut off from 1 to 10 hours, indicated by an "H" on the LED screen, a nice detail for drowsy nighttime operations. It's good to know that the timer will automatically restart if the controller is turned off or loses power.

I spot cleaned this blanket after spilling coffee on it and was able to wash off the stain quickly and easily, then I hung it up to dry. It has a 5-year limited warranty and a full page in the owner's manual explains its details. The look and feel of this blanket enhances my decor and my night's sleep with cozy heat and tons of clickable options.

Best Thermal Blanket

thick blankets for added warmth and weight

Berkshire Blanket VelvetLoft Striped Electric Blanket, Large

aspect:100 x 90 inches| Number of heat settings:10| Automatic shutdown function:10 hours| Warranty:1 year

Most suitable:

  • Those who live in colder climates and need next-level heat
  • People Who Want Rugged Style And Function
  • warm without being metallic

Skip if:

  • you want a long line controller

Compared to other blankets I tested, the Berkshire Blanket VelvetLoft Striped Heated Blanket was the thickest. This blanket is so heavy that it can completely replace a comforter or layer it over a lightweight comforter like I do, and can be used in almost every season, except for the sweltering summer months of course. The Velvetloft base layer is ribbed which, according to the brand, helps guide the flow of heat. The feature is very attractive and stands out from any other blanket I've tested. The instructions don't specify if you need to turn the rib side out, so I followed the picture on the brand's website and put the blanket smooth side up. If you place your hand on either side, you won't feel any wires, making this the least sturdy blanket of all the options I tested.

The round remote is easy to operate. One button turns the device on and off. The heat/timer button toggles between the two. Tap the plus or minus buttons to adjust the heat setting from 1 to 10. It has an auto-off feature that turns the blanket off after 10 hours with the controller on (this is a similar range to most other blankets I've tested), but you can also set a timer to turn it off sooner. The controller lights up when I adjust the heat settings in the dark.

As the ratings and reviews are quick to point out, this is a very heavy product, and the controller wires are shorter than other brands I've tried. For reference, the rope is about 14 feet long, which is 5 feet shorter than the Beautyrest rope. So, depending on the size of the bed, you may see wires trailing from either side to the nightstand where the controller is placed, which may pull on the controller a bit. I have a bigger bed and while I don't like seeing wires when using the blanket, the comfort of the extra warmth outweighs that for me. In the morning, I don't mind unplugging the controllers and putting them under my bed.


I warmed up this blanket for a full 30 minutes before trying it out. During my testing, the thermometer clocked between 70 and 80 degrees, and my body under it felt consistent heat, which contributed to a restful night's sleep. I didn't feel any cool spots when I was under it.

I couldn't put this king size blanket in the washer and dryer, and the label warns against commercial dryers as they can overheat and possibly damage the cord. In my cleaning tests, I found that I was able to spot clean coffee stains easily, but it took 4 days to air dry because the blanket was so thick. If you choose this blanket, make sure your washer and dryer have enough capacity for oversized loads.

Berkshire Blanker offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. After 90 days, the brand will consider returning any merchandise that is defective due to issues in materials or workmanship. The VelvetLoft Striped Heated Blanket is definitely stronger and more durable than any other blanket I've tried. It heats up quickly and keeps me warm.

Best Smart Heated Throws

Plush and stylish app-operated heating blanket

Warmee Smart Heating Pillow

aspect:60 x 70 inches| Number of heat settings:3| Automatic shutdown function:4 hours| Warranty:3 years limited

Most suitable:

  • people who like smart technology
  • Those who just want toasty warmth for a few hours
  • plush, non-metallic

Skip if:

  • you don't understand technology
  • you want something light

The Warmee Smart Heating Blanket is a splurge, but if you want easy control of your heating blanket using an app, it might be worth it for you. I specified the Warmee as a throw because of its smaller size, and while the brand says it can be used by two people, I prefer to use it unaccompanied. Its soft, thick, and plush construction makes it a winner for cozy nights on the couch, and its "smart" operation—a standout element of the blankets I've tried—makes it a fun pick for the tech-savvy. choose.

Warmee comes in a cute, well-designed box that guides you to scan a QR code for instructions and download the free Warmee app, where you can control the blanket's settings. While the instructions weren't intuitive, and I had some trouble pairing the blanket to my network, I was able to call customer service for assistance.

Once the blanket is on my network list, I can easily set it up. For the ultimate smart technology experience, you can also integrate Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant in your home. You can name the blanket and use the up and down arrows on the app itself to adjust the heat level from 1 to "H" (hottest) and heating duration (from 1 to 4 hours). Four hours of couch throwing is a good duration. Even if you use the app to adjust the heat settings, the blanket is always plugged into the wall.

I was very impressed with the consistency and level of heat the Warmee gave off. The temperature itself was in the 70s and 80s, and it got down to the low 90s and 100s when wrapped around me, which felt very warm compared to other blankets. I couldn't feel any wires on the fabric at all, unlike the feel of many other wire blankets I've tried.

(Video) ✅ Electric Blanket: Best Electric Blanket 2021 (Buying Guide)

This plush throw is so comfy and my family's favorite. My kids are drawn to it for its plush, warm feel and cute polka dot pattern. The care instructions say it can be machine washed on a gentle cycle, but hand washing will best prolong the life of the blanket. So I field-tested a corner of it with coffee. I was able to get it out with mild soap and water and a few rinses under my faucet. I let the corners air dry and it took about 2 days - which is a good indication of how thick it is. The instructions say you can tumble dry on low heat.

At $299, it's the most expensive of all the award-winning products, but if you'd rather use an app than a remote to control your heating blanket, it might be worth the investment. Plus, it comes with a 3-year limited warranty. Turn it on with your phone while you're making popcorn, and have a piping hot blanket ready for your Netflix binge.

Other heating blankets I've tested

I tested four other heating blankets without success.

Cozee Battery Operated Heating Blanket:This battery-operated, portable blanket is great for outdoors at sporting events, but it doesn't provide the consistent warmth of other picks on this list. The Cozee can be worn two ways - like a cape or wrapped around your arms. Depending on your height, your feet may not be covered. If you charge the battery for 6 hours, it can provide nearly 3 hours of continuous heat. Even without the heat, it's a high-quality thick blanket backed by a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. I wear it while working at my desk and it really warms me up.

bedding wool electric blanket:The fluffy sherpa underside of this blanket is sure to bring in the heat. However, you can feel the wires on top of and under the blanket. The Bedsure has a 16-foot cord, easy-to-operate controls that light up at night, and a one-touch preheat feature that automatically heats the blanket to level 10. The blanket has a 5-year warranty that shuts off after 8 hours, which is shorter than some other blankets I've tried.

Thermee Micro Flannel King-Size Heating Electric Blanket:There are a few things to like about the Thermee Micro Flannel blanket, like the cozy sherpa underside and the memory settings for the controller. Unfortunately, one of the controls was showing an "F2" code after a night of sleep, indicating a problem with the right side of the bed. A rep from the company kindly sent in a replacement, but I read reviews reporting similar issues.

How to choose an electric blanket

Here are some key things to look out for when buying a heating blanket.

The seal of the third-party certification body

Only buy blankets that have been approved by a nationally recognized testing agency, such asUL solutions(UL) orIntertek Group(ETL). The Beautyrest blanket has an entire section in the brochure dedicated to its UL certification, which I appreciate.

This means that not only has the product been subjected to a full protocol and battery of tests, but that third parties regularly ask the manufacturer to certify that the unit was built with the correct components. This reinforces the quality assurance process in place. "You should see that it has a third-party logo, and it should say the word 'listed,'" Hawk explained. "Sometimes you have manufacturers who like to play games and say it's UL compliant. That doesn't mean anything. That is false or misleading advertising."

reputable retailer

Never buy a heating blanket at a garage sale or secondhand. Buy your product from a reputable retail store or online retailer, which usually have safety procedures and conduct their own random spot checks. "I think blankets are a little bit different than clothes. I don't know how many people try to resell it, but it's better to buy it from a retailer," Hawk noted.

auto shut off

While not required by the UL 964 standard, Hawk says it's a good practice to choose a blanket with an auto-shutoff feature -- meaning the unit will turn itself off in 8, 10 or 12 hours -- in case you forget to turn it off It. "Auto shut off is a good safety feature. Again, not required by the standard, but it's a good feature to look for, and it's often advertised. Even online, you'll usually see someone calling it out ,” he pointed out.


As I've learned firsthand, heated blankets sometimes stop working. No matter what appliance you buy, it's always a good idea to seek out a warranty. Also remember that heated blankets don't last forever. "We usually assume a 10-year cycle for most small appliances," Hawk said.

How to Care for Electric Blankets

read the instructions carefully

After choosing a blanket, read the directions and safety labels on the blanket carefully.

Always monitor the condition of the blanket

"Before the product reaches its end, you should always be ready for what I call 'killing the product,'" says Hawk. If your fabric starts to fray or fade, or you see cord damage, it might be time to replace the blanket.

wash as directed

Wash and dry electric blankets according to the manufacturer's instructions. Using other methods such as dry cleaning may damage the product.

store carefully

Store heated blankets in a dry place. It should fold loosely with nothing stacked on top. Remove the power cords and wrap them separately. "That way you're not binding the product; you're not wrapping the wire tightly around the product," he explained. "You don't want to replace the internal wires."

Should I be using a heating blanket?

An electric blanket can definitely give you the warmth you need at night. For me, the extra heat in my back helped me find solace when my back problems flared up. But heating blankets aren't for everyone. If you have a medical condition and are unsure whether heating blankets are safe, consult your doctor.

(Video) Electric Blanket Testing Oxfordshire

Morning may be a good time to apply heat to combat stiffness or pain. You can use heat in the form of blankets, heating pads, saunas, etc. to help you move and warm up for the day. Langer uses the taffy analogy to describe what that warmth does to the body. "If it's hard and cold and frozen in the freezer, you won't be able to stretch it," she explains. "But if we put it in the sun, it becomes squishy and nice and stretchy."

The heat sensation on your skin sends positive feedback to your brain, distracting you from stiffness or pain, or from needing to get up and start your day. It did for me. "It's very comforting to have your brain overloaded with this comforting feeling," she says.

Should you buy a heating blanket with Invisiwire fibers?

Some brands, such as Warmee, claim to make heating blankets using Invisiwire fibers wrapped in MFA, a "Teflon-like polymer material that has been shown to be very temperature resistant in addition to good flexibility ,” according to the website. While many advances in technology have reduced the risk to consumers, product certification is based on minimum requirements from nationally accredited testing laboratories that do not grade or compare designs based on safety. "It's a generic statement from the manufacturer, and any manufacturer can make the same statement," Hoke said.


The best electric blankets that have been rigorously tested? ›

Great electric blanket alternatives are a high-quality winter duvet with a high tog rating, hot water bottles, a body pillow, and snuggly winter pyjamas. Having a warm drink before going to sleep will also help you to keep warm without an electric blanket. Chamomile tea or a glass of warm milk is the best choice.

What is better than an electric blanket? ›

Great electric blanket alternatives are a high-quality winter duvet with a high tog rating, hot water bottles, a body pillow, and snuggly winter pyjamas. Having a warm drink before going to sleep will also help you to keep warm without an electric blanket. Chamomile tea or a glass of warm milk is the best choice.

How long should electric blankets last? ›

​Electric Blankets should be replaced every 10 years and tested every 2 years by a qualified electrician. ​Always check your blanket for scorch marks, water damage, mould or exposed wires.

How do you get electric blankets tested? ›

To check for damage to the heating elements, lay the blanket flat and turn it on for 15 minutes at the highest setting, watch it closely, and then turn it off. Run your hand over the blanket and feel for hot spots. A hot spot means the heating element has been kinked or damaged.

What is the best blanket to keep warm at night? ›

Ideal for added warmth, wool blankets are great at providing insulation while wicking away moisture to keep you comfy all winter long. While wool is generally not rated as soft as synthetic fleece or cotton, GH analysts were impressed at the soft feel of this blanket right out of the box.

Is there an electric blanket you can leave on all night? ›

Sunbeam Royal Luxe Heated Blanket

There's also a 12-hour customizable automatic shut-off function, so you can select how long you want to leave the blanket on — making it perfect for keeping you warm and toasty all night long with peace of mind when it comes to safety.

Why don t people use electric blankets anymore? ›

Electric blankets are a potential risk for skin burns and even starting a fire, especially when outdated, not maintained, or used correctly. They can cause damage to skin and internal organs when heating up to peak temperatures.

What is the difference between a heating blanket and an electric blanket? ›

Heated blankets are primarily used as bedding. Depending on overnight winter temperatures in your home, you can use your heated blanket alone or topped by a duvet or comforter. Since electric blankets are used on beds, they are available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King to coordinate with standard mattress sizes.

How often should you wash an electric blanket? ›

How often to wash an electric blanket? You should wash an electric blanket as often as it needs it – perhaps every time or every other time you washing your bedding, but at least every two weeks.

What can I do with an old electric blanket? ›

Electric blankets are not recyclable. If reusable, and in good condition donate to someone in need, give to a friend or sell online.

Should electric blanket be on top or bottom? ›

Always keep the blanket on top of you, never placing it underneath you. If you put the blanket beneath your body, it could damage the internal coils. Always turn off and unplug the electric blanket after using it.

What are common faults with electric blankets? ›

The most common electric blanket dangers include: (1) catching fire and burning a person and/or a home; (2) second-degree burns from prolonged use and exposure to heat; and (3) heatstroke.

What are the faults with electric blankets? ›

The major risk of using an electric blanket is that it may catch fire. According to Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), electric blankets or heating pads are implicated in about 500 fires each year.

How do I know if my electric blanket is bad? ›

Check the electric blanket frequently for detached tie tapes, frayed edges, scorch marks and damaged or loose electrical connections and that the connector isn't over-heating. Also make sure that the control doesn't make a buzzing noise or give off a scorching smell.

Is an electric blanket as good as a heating pad? ›

But there are many reasons why you may seek extra warmth at night. If so, our research and testing found that in most cases you're better off using a heated mattress pad, rather than an electric blanket. Pads are better at masking the heating wires, and your body and the rest of your bedding insulate the warmth.

What should I look for in a heated blanket? ›

Some things to consider when buying a heated blanket are:
  • Smart device adaptability.
  • Timer controls.
  • Comfort.
  • Heating coils.
  • Style and size.
  • Sustainability.
  • Value.
Jun 1, 2022

What is the best blanket for heavy cold? ›

  • Cloth Fusion 500 TC Mink Blanket. ...
  • VAS COLLECTIONS Woolen Blanket. ...
  • AmazonBasics Micromink Polyester Sherpa Blanket. ...
  • HOMECRUST Embossed Blankets. ...
  • Amazon Brand - Solimo Brickline Microfibre Printed Quilt Blanket. ...
  • BSB HOME Plain Double Layer Warm and Hot Super Soft Flannel Sherpa Winter Blanket.
Mar 13, 2023

What type of blanket is best for night sweats? ›

Weighted cooling blankets
  • Gravity Cooling Weighted Blanket. ...
  • Luna Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blanket. ...
  • Casper Humidity Fighting Duvet. ...
  • Brooklinen Linen Quilt. ...
  • Brooklinen Lightweight Quilt. ...
  • Dangtop Cooling Blanket. Kiana Murden/CNN. ...
  • Elegear Cooling Blanket. Kristin Magaldi/CNN. ...
  • Sleep Number True Temp Blanket. Chelsea Stone/CNN.
Mar 14, 2023

What blanket color is warmest? ›

Traditionally, temperature blanket color palettes consisted of colors you could find in a primary color rainbow. Usually red represents the warmest temperatures as the top of the color gauge and blue stands in for the coolest temps at the bottom of the gauge.

Which is better electric over blanket or Underblanket? ›

The answer to this relies entirely on your own personal preference. If you only want to use your electric blanket in bed, then you'll probably be better off with an underblanket. They fit over your mattress and act as a cosy bottom sheet for your bed. For most people, this is their preferred choice.

What is the difference between a heated throw and an electric blanket? ›

The difference between a heated blanket and throw

While the multi-purpose heated throws are designed to complement and room as a decorative throw with a cosy purpose, heated blankets fulfil a different role. Heated blankets are specifically designed for a comfy night's sleep and sit underneath your sheets and bedding.

What are the best 12 volt heated blankets? ›

  • Cozee Heated Blanket.
  • Sojoy iHealthComfort 12V Electric Heated Travel Blanket.
  • RoadPro RPHB-110 Polar Fleece Heated Travel Blanket.
  • Stalwart Electric Car Blanket.
  • Car Cozy Heated Travel Blanket.
  • Eddie Bauer Portable Heated Electric Throw Blanket.
  • Battery Powered Heated Blanket by Dalos Dream.
Mar 14, 2023

Is it OK to sit on top of an electric blanket? ›

Make it the Top Layer: Do not place additional blankets or quilts on top of an electric blanket, and do not lie or sit on it; they are designed to be the top layer. They can overheat and cause problems when underneath.

Can I put a comforter on top of an electric blanket? ›

The cost of a new blanket is small compared to the cost of a fire or a burn injury. We want you to stay warm and safe! ✓ Don't put blankets on top of an electric blanket, and don't use an electric blanket and a heating pad at the same time. Heat can become trapped in the bedding layers and cause burns.

Should electric blankets go above or below mattress protectors? ›

Unless otherwise stated, all electric blankets should sit on top of underlays/mattress protectors. The undersurface of underlays/mattress protectors are not designed to take intense heat especially if they have a waterproof coating.

What not to do with an electric blanket? ›

Don't pile pillows, blankets, books, toys, or other items on top of an electric blanket. Avoid using both a hot water bottle and an electric blanket at the same time. Don't plug in or switch on a wet electric blanket. Don't use an electric blanket with an adjustable, hospital-style bed or a waterbed.

Should you roll or fold electric blanket? ›

Store the electric blanket by rolling, not folding, it. Use care with cords. Never run electrical cords under rugs or fasten them to walls with staples, pins or other fasteners as this may damage the protective covering and expose the wiring (a fire hazard.)

What uses more electricity electric blanket or electric heater? ›

Space heaters are energy drains that emit greenhouse gases and pollute the air we breathe. By switching to an electric blanket, you'll save energy, minimize fire risk, and stay cozy all winter long! Electric blankets use 90% less energy than a typical portable electric space heater.

Is a hot water bottle better than an electric blanket? ›

But which is more effective at keeping you warm – an electric blanket or hot water bottle? Overall, electric blankets are likely to be more effective at keeping you warm as they can heat up a whole bed or cover your entire body and won't cool down like a hot water bottle will.

Is it cheaper to use electric blanket or heating? ›

Overall, it's cheaper to run an electric blanket per month. However, this doesn't take into consideration the costs of keeping the radiators on overnight or using an electric heater all day. It's best to consult your energy tariffs and to get advice on how to cut down how much you use your heating appliances.

What is the most energy efficient 12v electric blanket? ›

Test #1: Cost efficiency
ProductWattsAnnual Energy Usage (kWh for 50 Days)
1. SoftHeat Ultra Micro-Plush6827.2
2. Serta Luxe7329.2
3. Sunbeam Sherpa Mink Throw16365.2
4. Biddleford Heated Micromink14859.2
1 more row
May 3, 2022

What are the warmest blankets you can get? ›

Thicker blankets, such as wool blankets, cotton fleece blankets, and cashmere blankets, are the warmest. The spaces between the fibers in a fuzzy or napped blanket trap warm air, keeping you warmer. This same principle explains why down is such an excellent insulator.

What wattage are most electric blankets? ›

Electric blankets usually have between 100 and 150 watts of power. If you make reasonable use of an electric blanket, it really does not consume very much.


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