15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (2023)

The historic market town of Bunbury has become a hub for commuters as it is connected to several major cities by road and rail and has easy access to Birmingham, Coventry, Oxford and London. That also happens to make it a great day trip location for anyone living along these routes and their pup, and you don't need a horse to get here either.

The town happens to have one of the most charming centers you'll find, with its weaving of lanes and lanes made of old houses from different eras. However, you'll also find plenty of country resorts, as the town sits on the banks of the River Cherwell, next to the Cotswolds AONB. With these 15 dog walks in Banbury, you and your pooch can get out for a day and explore some of the sights in town and beyond.

15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (1)15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (2)

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country park walk

Spice Ball Country Park

15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (3)15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (4)

Bunbury's largest park is a must-see for those looking to get out with the family or dog. This is a great place for the kids to play games in the open space or to kill some energy on the playground. In the meantime, the fields are perfect for a game of fetch, or you and your pup can enjoy a quieter stroll along the riverbank or canal. If you're by the river, you can even give your pup a quick dip.

You can easily take short walks with ball games and doggy paddles, or take a lap around the great park and extend your trail along the canal towpath. Spiceball Country Park is in the heart of Banbury, so it's easily accessible on foot from the station or by local bus. You are also just a few steps away from the town's many cafés. Cafe Nero, Cafe Venato and Pinto Lounge are all dog-friendly and ideal for drinks and cakes.

  • Walk length:2.5 km (various)

  • difficulty:simple

  • Initial point:PARKING LOT

  • terrain:path, flat, flat, park

  • Free parking:No

  • address:Spiceball Country Park, Bunbury, OX16 2RD

More information:GPS route

Broughton Castle

15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (5)15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (6)

Dogs are welcome to explore the gardens and grounds of Broughton Castle with their owners, provided they are kept on a leash and under control. The magnificent fortified estate provides a majestic backdrop to your walk, and you won't be able to stop every now and then to admire it. It's so beautiful and memorable, in fact, it's been used as a filming location several times.

You and your pooch can roam the walled gardens along the moat, or just hang out in the larger estate. The grounds are free to enter and walk around, but there is a fee to enter the castle and gardens. There is also a tea room on site, where your dog is welcome to join you while you sip your tea. If it is an open day, you can also enter the tea room for free.

  • Walk length:3 kilometers

  • difficulty:simple

  • Initial point:PARKING LOT

  • terrain:trail, flat, flat, park, woodland

  • Free parking:Yes

  • address:Broughton Castle, Banbury, OX15 5EB

More information:Broughton Castle,GPS route

Cropredy Circle Walk

15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (7)15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (8)

A pleasant walk through the countryside surrounding Cropready is perfect for blowing away the cobwebs and enjoying a few hours outdoors with your furry friend. You'll start at the Red Lion Inn, so if you park your car there, be sure to step in as a patron before or after your walk.

Canals and country lanes stretch along rolling open countryside and farmland. There are two historical battle areas on this trail, so the historians among you will have a lot to discover. You can also catch a glimpse among the trees of the stately Edgcote House, restored after a fire a few years ago.

On your walk you pass Waddington and Chipping Woden, another charming market town, where you can stop to see the local amenities. Obviously you'll need to let your dog get ahead along driveways and in the countryside, but there are plenty of opportunities to run free in the fields.

  • Walk length:12.8 km

  • difficulty:ease

  • Initial point:Red Lion Inn

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  • terrain:trail, field, country road, flat, path

  • Free parking:Yes

  • address:8 Red Lion Street, Cropredy, Banbury, OX17 1PB

banbury edge

15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (9)15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (10)

No, this is not an arts festival, but a circular walk around the city fringes of Bunbury and some nearby countryside. It's an easy walk, but we'd class it as moderate due to the length of the route. However, you can easily choose smaller sections to explore to better suit your abilities.

Looking inward from this walk, you'll have stunning views of Banbury, but looking in the other direction, you'll see the Oxfordshire countryside. You should start at the Spiceball Park Sports Center or Castle Quay car park and follow the signposted path clockwise, but there are other starting points available.

You'll pass the Barley Mow Pub halfway through the route, but you have to sit outside with the dog. Plus, in Bunbury town center you can visit more dog-friendly places to visit before or after your walk, such as the Pinto Lounge, Dog and Gun or Ye Olde Reindeer.

More information:walking club

Swalcliffe to Tadmarton Heath

15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (11)15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (12)

You and your pup will enjoy relaxing walks in the Oxfordshire countryside. You'll enjoy beautiful views of the open fields, where bright yellow flaxseeds bloom in summer. Part of the walk follows the old Roman road and the Swalcliffe Lea, with its ponds and streams. You can let your pup have a paddle, but that's close to the start of the walk, so if your dog decides to go for a swim, make sure your dog doesn't get cold the rest of the way.

You certainly won't mind passing through villages on this walk, as they are all pretty little villages made mostly of local stone. Otherwise, this gem of a walk is in lush Oxfordshire pastures, with views across fields to some small hills beyond. Stags Head in Swalcliffe, just opposite the church, serves good food including some Greek specialties and is well worth a visit.

  • Walk length:8.9 km

  • difficulty:simple

  • Initial point:Swalcliffe Barn (next to church)

  • terrain:trail, field, flat, gentle slope

  • Free parking:Yes

  • address:Swalcliffe, Banbury, OX15 5DR

More information:view ranger

rolling stone

15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (13)15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (14)

It takes around 25 minutes by car to reach the stones, but it's well worth the visit to these ancient monuments and the walk through the Chiltern Hills AONB. Your pup will love playing on the rolling pastures while you sniff out the Rollright Stones. (We accidentally called it the Rolling Stones at least once!)

Three ancient stone features can be found on this trail. The King's Rock, a standing stone thought to mark a Bronze Age burial ground, you can see barrows and cairns nearby. Then there is the older King's Men Stone Circle. Finally, a few hundred yards away, 1,000 years old, are the Order of Whispering Knights. Knights mark an ancient burial chamber and one of the oldest burial monuments in Britain. They add a touch of mystery to this beautiful walk through the countryside.

For those who require accessible walking, there are two shorter routes on short lawns around all the stones. The Salford Inn near the start and end of the track is child- and pet-friendly, so you and your dog are welcome to stop in for a snack.

  • Walk length:8.3 km

  • difficulty:simple

  • Initial point:salford village

  • terrain:trail, field, flat

  • Free parking:Yes

  • address:Salford, Chipping Norton, OX7 5YW

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More information:rolling stone,Cotswolds, Oxfordshire

Drayton to Roxton

15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (15)15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (16)

Sadly, with the White Horse gone, there are no more pubs in Wroxton. However, you can instead start the same route at Drayton and follow the track across the field to Wroxton and back. As you leave Drayton, you and your pup will climb the Obelisk for views of the old Abbey grounds. It's a peaceful setting and a great place to walk your dog on the outskirts of Banbury.

You'll spend the majority of this walk on field paths, so your pup can spend plenty of time off the beaten path. Remember, if you see any livestock it is possible to get your dog back under control. If you want a cozy place to start or end your walk with a drink, you and your dog can stop at the Roebuck Inn in Drayton.

  • Walk length:8.9 km

  • difficulty:ease

  • Initial point:Roebuck Inn

  • terrain:trail, field, flat, gentle slope

  • Free parking:Yes

  • address:Stratford Road, Drayton, Bunbury, OX15 6EN

More information:view ranger

Radway to Edge Hill

15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (17)15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (18)

Less than ten miles from the Warwickshire border is the village of Radway. This is a great place to walk your dog near Bunbury as it sits at the northern end of the Cotswolds AONB. You'll have to find off-street parking in the village, but you shouldn't have any difficulty, then you and your dog are free to enjoy this gently rolling walk through picturesque countryside.

If you need a shorter walk, you can choose shortenthis route.The walk back is through pleasant woodland with views of the Radway home and Edge Hill, the Civil War battlefield site. (You can't access these sites, though.)

When in the Edge Hill area, a visit to the castle is a must. This beautiful hotel and restaurant really does look like a castle and is very dog ​​friendly. You can relax in the restaurant and even bring your dog to this unique place as it happens to be a pet-friendly hotel.

  • Walk length:8.7 km

  • difficulty:ease

  • Initial point:Radway Village Hall (wherever you park)

  • terrain:trails, fields, woodlands, unevenness

  • Free parking:Yes

  • address:The Green, Radway, Warwick, CV35 0UN

More information:Visolando


15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (19)15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (20)

This lovely walk has a figure-eight shape, so if you like short strolls, you can easily choose one of the two loops as your route. This walk is sure to delight you and your dog as it is mostly in the countryside and you will wander through typical Oxfordshire countryside with stunning views of the rolling hills.

In addition to the picturesque scenery, you'll pass several historic places on your walk, such as the Bowman Bridge. You'll also stroll through Clifton, a charming little village of stone houses. On the second half of this walk, you'll pass Daeda's Wood, which we've listed below as one of the best places to walk your dog in Bunbury, so you can easily get off the trail and into the woodland.

There are plenty of places to eat in Deddington, including The Duke of Cumberland’s Head, a charming thatched inn, which is dog-friendly.

  • Walk length:18.5 km

  • difficulty:ease

  • Initial point:daddington village

  • terrain:trail, field, flat, slope

  • Free parking:Yes

  • address:Deddington, OX15 0SH

More information:walking and cycling


15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (21)15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (22)

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The charming Cotswold village of Shutford is just a stone's throw from Bunbury, and you can easily spend an afternoon walking the surrounding countryside with your dog. You'll start this circular walk in the village, then head south, past the flanks of a few mountains (although you don't have to climb them.) There are also a few points that allow you to take a shortcut back to the village should you need to.

This walk is very rural and most of your walk will be next to or through farmland. This means you will have to keep an eye out for livestock, and if you happen to come across any, get your dog on a leash.

There is no designated parking space in the village, and the tavern has limited space, so you can only park on the side of the road. Please be considerate of the residents. You'll start and finish your walk at the characterful George & Dragon, the bar area is dog friendly so you and your pooch can enjoy a post-walk drink or some pub food.

  • Walk length:7.2 km

  • difficulty:ease

  • Initial point:george and the dragon

  • terrain:trail, field, flat, uneven

  • Free parking:Yes

  • address:Church Lane, Shutford, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX15 6PG

More information:Xinfu Village

woodland walk

Daeda's wood

15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (23)15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (24)

The best woodland dog walk in Bunbury is likely to be in Daydah Forest. It has a short, easy walk that allows people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the stunning willow oak and ash woodlands. The trees here lead to beautiful glades that are often in bloom with wildflowers, perfect for wildlife viewing and making this area perfect for fairytale walks with your dog. If you want to extend your walk, you can opt for the Deddington dog walk listed above.

Although only a short route, the accessible path means it's an all-weather walk. There are several benches on the path, where you can sit and enjoy the scenery and listen to the birds singing. You can also hear the Swere River behind you, and you might spot your dog paddling fast in the water.

Otherwise, this walking trail has no facilities. However, if you pull over to the side of the road off the A4260, you should find the mobile cafe Buzzy Beans parked there as well. It's a cute little coffee cart that parks there and even fits a few stools so you can sit and enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee.

  • Walk length:0.9 km

  • difficulty:simple

  • Initial point:PARKING LOT

  • terrain:path, flat, even

  • Free parking:Yes

  • address:Daeda's Woods, Bunbury, OX15 0TS

More information:oxfordshire.gov,woodland trust

walk by the water

Bunbury Flood Protection

15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (25)15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (26)

This is a puppy place for people and dogs for a dog walk in Banbury. Stroll across the floodplains, past three distinct water features: the Oxford Canal, the Cherwell River and the lochs as part of the flood defenses. Pups will undoubtedly be thrilled to be dog paddling here, just make sure they don't dive into the canal. Instead, keep swimming in rivers or lakes.

In warmer weather, be aware that blue-green algae, which can be poisonous, were found in the lake last summer. If the lake blooms again, there will be clear warning signs. Otherwise, fast dog paddling is safe.

You can park near the retail park and take a footpath to Chacombe from the side of the M&S. Once you reach the river, just follow it. If it has been raining heavily, this trail may be avoided as it is prone to flooding. There are several food stores in the retail park, but your pup will need to stay outside.

  • Walk length:as long or as short as you like

  • difficulty:simple

  • Initial point:banbury gateway

  • terrain:trail, flat, flat, field

  • Free parking:Yes

  • address:Acorn Road, Banbury OX16 3ER

More information:explore

King Sutton to Twyford Pier

15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (27)15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (28)

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King’s Sutton and its surrounds are great for dog walking, with beautiful countryside and good work from local landowners and council footpath rangers. One of the prettiest walks is the slow walk along the Oxford Canals, where you follow the waterways through peaceful fields.

The route starts at Twyford Wharf, but we thought it would be easier to start at King's Sutton and take the route in reverse. It's easy to follow, and the start in the village means you can easily catch the train here and enjoy hours of easy walking in the quintessential English countryside.

A visit to Kings Sutton isn't just for walking, it's also about visiting the stunning White Horse. As welcoming as ever, this traditional country pub will be happy to welcome you and your pooch. Just a short walk from the station, this pub is an ideal pit stop before and after your walk along the canal or River Cherwell. There are many other walking routes to choose from, and the village is very walkable.

  • Walk length:8.8 km

  • difficulty:simple

  • Initial point:King Sutton

  • terrain:trail, flat, flat, field

  • Free parking:Yes

  • address:King Sutton, Banbury, OX17 3RN

More information:King Sutton,walking world

banbury to lower hayford

15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (29)15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (30)

This long walk along the Oxford Canal Towway will take you almost 21 kilometers from the center of Bunbury to Lower Heyford. Then, you and your dog can simply hop on the train and return to the starting point. Some towpaths in the country can be overgrown with weeds. For the most part, though, the trail is clear and easy, often with fields beside it, so your pooch can enjoy plenty of lead-free exploration. This trail is also a great opportunity for wildlife viewing.

As stated in the guidebook, this route couldn't be better as you should see the canal all around you the entire walk. There are also plenty of pubs dotted along the way, so you can grab a drink and take a break nearby. Some of these include the Great Western Arms and Barley Mow, both located just yards from the water's edge.

  • Walk length:20.3 kilometers

  • difficulty:ease

  • Initial point:Branbury Center/Train Station

  • terrain:flat, uniform, trail

  • Free parking:No

  • address:Banbury, OX16 5PE

More information:Mud and Route

climb mountains

Burton Dassett Hills Country Park

15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (31)15 Blissful Dog Walks in Banbury (32)

Admittedly, the hills aren't the tallest, but when the rest of the land is so low, it means you can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding countryside from this country park vantage point. Burton Dassett is the ideal place in Banbury for dog walks and is also popular with families, as the lush green grass is perfect for kite flying and picnics, and the paws are perfect for a game of catch. The only caveat is to watch out for the sheep, but you should be able to find a few acres of space to play and walk yourself.

This is Warwickshire's 'Jurassic Park', a land that was once covered by subtropical seas millions of years ago. If you're lucky, you might find a fossil or two in some picnic areas, where the remains of sea creatures such as oysters and squid are often present.

Later in history, some 150 million years later, a church and lighthouse were built in the 12th century, which you can visit on foot across the gentle hills.

Parking is charged, but entry to the park is free. You'll find toilets and plenty of picnic spots on site, it's worth bringing a lunch as you won't be able to believe the stunning views. We think they are the best around Bunbury. If you do want a heartier, warmer meal, the Village Red Lion is dog- and kid-friendly.

  • Walk length:5.5km (various)

  • difficulty:simple

  • Initial point:PARKING LOT

  • terrain:trails, flats, fields, slopes

  • Free parking:No

  • address:Burton Dassett, Southam, CV47 2AB

More information:our warwickshire,GPS route,southam

More about Banbury:Wikipedia

More dog walks:Gloucestershire,Windsor Great Park,hertfordshire


Is the Cotswolds good for dog walking? ›

Living in the heart of the Cotswolds, we're lucky to have so many fantastic dog friendly walks on the doorstep. Walking route suggestions are one of the most requested things in my instagram DMs, so I thought I'd put together a list of our favourite walks in the Cotswolds.

Is Broughton Castle dog friendly? ›

Dogs are not permitted in the Castle, with the exception of assistance dogs. All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times in the garden and park. 17. The use of BBQs – disposable or otherwise – is not permitted Broughton Castle Park or Garden.

Can I walk my dog in Thetford Forest? ›

Located in East Anglia, Thetford Forest is a superb dog friendly, family day out. With a variety of short and medium length walks and terrains of woodland to heathland, there's something for all dogs – big or small!

Where can I walk my dog in Margaret River? ›

Prevelly Beach, north of White Elephant Cafe to Georgette Way beach access footpath. Gnarabup Beach, from Reef Drive point (south end of Back Beach Dog Exercise Area) to Gas Bay. Rfilebutts Reserve, children's playground area.

How many miles is a good dog walk? ›

Most dogs can handle 5 km (3 miles) without extra training but need at least a month to get up to 20 km. Walks above 5 km should always be followed by a light rest day. If you go too far too quickly you could cause all sorts of muscle, tendon, ligament, joint or bone problems.

How far of a walk is good for a dog? ›

While 45 minutes or more is ideal, a 30- minute walk is usually an achievable goal for most dog owners and will help to keep your dog fit and well balanced. For puppies, a walk that lasts 15 minutes is recommended until they are fully grown so that they do not damage their joints by doing long walks.

Can I walk my dog on the Riverwalk? ›

ARE DOGS ALLOWED ON THE RIVER WALK? Dogs are allowed on the River Walk, but they must be leashed. Many of the outdoor restaurants and shops welcome dogs on their patios while you dine. Some restaurants even have pet menus (Rita's on the River).

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Our favorite part of visiting the San Antonio River Walk is that it's 100% pet friendly! Pets must be leashed, of course. And care should be taken in congested areas for the safety of both your pet and other visitors. Please remember to pick up after your pets!

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Most Trail sections are suitable for hiking with your dog, but some restrictions and common-sense exceptions do exist. Three A.T. areas are off-limits: The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Bear Mountain State Park Trailside Museum and Zoo, and Baxter State Park.

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This is a popular trail for birding, hiking, and walking, but you can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of day. You'll need to leave pups at home — dogs aren't allowed on this trail.

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Pets are not allowed on this trail.

The only two trails in the park that allow pets are the Gatlinburg Trail near the Sugarlands Visitor Center and the Oconaluftee River Trail near the Oconaluftee Visitor Center.

Can dogs go to Great Falls? ›

Leashed pets are welcome on all park trails, parking lots, falls overlooks, and picnic areas. There are no off-leash areas in Great Falls Park. Owners must have physical control of the animal, using a six foot leash, at all times.

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The Castle grounds are free to enjoy inclusive of the classic car display. All other admissions apply. Dogs are allowed to enter the cinema space and the David PJ Ross Magna Carta building but we politely ask you not to take your dog into the Vault. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.

Is castle Quay dog friendly? ›

Only a maximum of 2 dogs per customer is allowed. 3. Do not leave dogs unattended or unsupervised at any time.

Are dogs allowed in Crystal castle? ›

Is Crystal Castle dog friendly? No pets, no dogs allowed – Crystal Castle & Shambhala Gardens.

Is 1 hour walk a day enough for dog? ›

An hour-long walk every day is generally a good recommendation — preferably all in one session,” she says. “A long walk benefits a dog's physical body as well as their mental health.

Is a 2 hour walk too long for a dog? ›

Your Dog's Exercise Tolerance

Most dogs can tolerate a daily 20–30-minute walk if they have a relatively good body condition. Dogs in great physical health can tolerate walks for up to two hours or go hiking for hours at a time.

How long can dogs hold their pee? ›

Adult dogs that are one year or older should be able to hold their pee in for up to 6-8 hours. However, 8 hours is a bit of a stretch, and ideally, you should not expect your dog to hold their urine for longer than 6 hours.

How often should you bathe a dog? ›

Generally speaking, a healthy dog with a short, smooth coat and no skin problems doesn't need to be bathed often. In most cases, dog baths are more for the benefit of their pet parents than for the dogs themselves. Even so, it's a good idea to bathe your pooch at least once every two to three months.

What is the best time of day to walk your dog? ›

Dogs, like humans, are diurnal, so taking walks in the morning is ideal. I recommend setting aside thirty minutes to a full hour. The specific needs of each dog differ.

Do dogs need 2 walks a day? ›

Most dogs need at least 1-2 walks per day (unless otherwise specified by your vet). A brisk walk is a great opportunity for your dog to burn off extra energy, and a slow, meandering walk – where you let your dog sniff and explore for as long as they want – is great for their mental health.

Can you take dogs for a walk in the rain? ›

While it's fine to walk your dog in the rain, you should try to avoid getting them completely drenched. Just like we'd put on our coats for a walk in the rain, you might want to consider a doggy raincoat to protect dogs from the weather and prevent them from getting soaked through.

Is it safe to walk the River Walk at night? ›

The Riverwalk

Each year, over 500 people fall in the river. You should also avoid this area after dark because it is a very common place for muggings. If you must be down there after dark, you should stay in highly populated areas and don't go alone.

Can dogs swim at the entrance? ›


North Beach in The Entrance is a 24h Dog Friendly Beach.

Can you walk with alcohol on the River Walk? ›

Yes, you can walk around with alcohol on River Walk.

We're enthusiasts of beverages that enhance an already sweet location. That being said, we highly suggest you visit the Bier Garten directly East of The Alamo. You can grab a drink here and trek around the River Walk.

How long is the River Walk? ›

Driving. The San Antonio River Walk is 15 miles long and flows through about 5 miles of downtown San Antonio.

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The River Walk starts around 4 miles north of the city center, where E. Hildbrand Ave crosses the River. It finishes to the south of the city, near Mission Espada.

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According to Pawsitively Intrepid, an average-sized dog in good shape should be able to take a 5-10 mile hike in his stride. After proper conditioning, he can probably up that total to 20 or more miles in a day.

Can dogs walk around barefoot landing? ›

Barefoot Landing

This area is a popular shopping, dining and entertainment destination that is set along the Intracoastal Waterway. Luckily for dog lovers, Barefoot Landing is pet-friendly year round! You and your furry friend can take a walk around the boardwalk and enjoy a variety of shops and boutiques.

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The general rule of thumb for an active, adult dog is that they can carry no more than 25% of their body weight.

Can dogs go to Ruby Falls? ›

Due to health guidelines, pets are not permitted on Ruby Falls cave adventures. Four shaded, fenced kennel areas are available seasonally at no charge on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please stop at the ticket desk for a kennel lock, or you may provide your own. Special considerations are taken for service animals.

Can dogs go to Anna Ruby Falls? ›

Hike a paved trail to Anna Ruby Falls, a rare tumbling pair of beautiful double waterfalls near Helen, Georgia. It's a fantastic kid-friendly, stroller-friendly and dog-friendly hike!

Can dogs go to Donut falls? ›

You'll need to leave pups at home — dogs aren't allowed on this trail. Lots of snow on trail and some flooding- will be able to see the donut fall but will not be able to get close. Suggest good hiking boots.

Can dogs go to Blackwater Falls? ›

Dogs that love to play in the snow will be at home at Canaan Valley Resort or Blackwater Falls state parks, which typically get more snowfall due to their high elevation. Both parks have a full-service lodge, cabins and campgrounds.

Can dogs go to Clingmans Dome? ›

Dogs are allowed at Clingmans Dome in the Parking lot. However, dogs are not permitted on the paved path to the Clingmans Dome Tower. It is also park policy that pets are not allowed on most hiking trails in the national park, including hiking trails around Clingmans Dome.

Why are dogs not allowed in Smoky Mountains? ›

Great Smoky Mountains National Park has prohibited dogs in the backcountry since the park was first established in the 1930s for several reasons: Dogs can carry disease into the park's wildlife populations. Dogs can chase and threaten wildlife.

Can dogs go to Laurel falls? ›

Dogs are only allowed on the Gatlinburg Trail and the Oconaluftee River Trail and must be on a leash no longer than 6'. Dogs can walk on a leash in the parking areas.

Is Devil's Bridge falls dog friendly? ›

Dogs are welcome but they need to be able to get up & down steep steps. It is probably best to keep them on a lead for their safety and that of other visitors. Afon Mynach (Monks River) makes a dramatic descent, over spectacular waterfalls at Devil's Bridge.

Are dogs allowed at Queen Mary Falls? ›


Queen Mary Falls in located in a National Park. Dogs are not allowed in the National Park under any circumstances.

Are Cotswolds Lakes dog friendly? ›

Can I bring my dog? The whole area of the Cotswold Water Park has plenty of lovely public footpaths and bridlepaths where you can walk your dog; we just ask that you keep dogs out of the water and on a lead when near lake edges, to minimise disturbance to wildlife.

Can dogs go to Cotswold Beach? ›

Dogs are very welcome, they must be kept on a lead at all times. They are allowed on the pedalos and electric mini ports boats within reason. They are also allowed in the café. We ask that dogs do not go onto the beach or swim anywhere on site.

How long does it take to walk the Cotswolds? ›

Most people walking the Cotswold Way straight through do it in 7–8 days. This gives you around 13–14 miles to walk each day, which is still a challenge for someone with average fitness but means you don't have such long walking days and gives you a bit more time to spare.

How long is the Cotswold walk? ›

The Cotswold Way is a long distance walking trail that runs between the market town of Chipping Campden in the north and the city of Bath in the south. The trail is 102 miles (164 km) long, and runs for most of its length on the Cotswold escarpment.

Can dogs go to Bourton on the water? ›

Bourton-on-the-Water is a stunning Cotswold village, often named the 'Venice of the Cotswolds', and is one of the most dog friendly villages in the Cotswolds. The pretty village is centred around the River Windrush, which has numerous small bridges crossing the shallow bubbling river.

Can dogs go to Cotswold Zoo? ›

Dogs may be brought into the Park provided that they are kept on a lead and under adult control at all times. Dogs may not be taken indoors or into the Bat Belfry, Reptile House, Children's Farmyard and any areas with free ranging animals. Please clean up after your dog and ask at the Pay Desk for a poop bag.

Are dogs allowed at Cotswold Distillery? ›

Can I bring my dog? Well-behaved dogs on leads are always welcome!

Are dogs allowed at Cotswold Lavender? ›

Can I bring my dog? We love dogs at Cotswold Lavender and you are very welcome to bring yours with you. We only ask that you keep them on a short lead at all times and clear up after your dog.

Is Nevis dog friendly? ›

Entry Requirements

Pets must be fitted with an ISO compatible microchip for identification purposes. Pet owners must obtain a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian within 30 days of travel. Pets must also be dewormed within 72 hours of travel with proof from the veterinarian.

How much is entry to Cotswold Water Park? ›

Admission Prices
Pedestrian/ Cyclist£3.50
Motorbike (up to 2 persons)£10.00
Car (up to 5 persons)£18.00
MPVs (6-8 persons)£22.00

What is the best month to go to Cotswolds? ›

The summer months of July and August are certainly a good season to visit the Cotswolds. The days are long, the fields are green, and you might even enjoy sunny days! Of course, this is Britain, so we can never promise constant dry weather.

Why is the Cotswolds so famous? ›

The Cotswolds are famous for their typically English landscape of lovely green rolling hills, stone walls, woodland and charming little towns and villages. Many of the buildings you will see here are made from sandy yellow Cotswold Stone, making the whole area highly attractive.

What is the most picturesque street in Cotswolds? ›

Bibury is home to arguably, the prettiest street in all of England – Arlington Row in Bibury, one of the most iconic sights in the Cotswolds and definitely one of my favourites places to visit in the UK.

What is the average age in Cotswold? ›

An older Cotswold

This area had a higher average (median) age than the South West as a whole in 2021 (44 years) and a higher average (median) age than England (40 years).

How many days should I spend in the Cotswolds? ›

How long to spend in the Cotswolds? To really explore all that the Cotswolds has to offer, you'll need 3-5 days. Although if you want to stay for longer then you'll certainly be able to fill your days with various things to do in the Cotswolds.

What does Wold mean in Cotswold? ›

Wolds – gentle hills. 'Cots' – sheep enclosures. So 'Cotswolds' probably just means an area of gentle hills with plenty of sheep around. There's another theory that the name is based on Cod's – Wold (Cod being a certain Saxon landowner).


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